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The present book has been written for teachers and students of English as a second language (L2, henceforth) and considers the three educational levels, namely, school, college and university. They will find it as a useful resource since it provides readers with insights, suggestions and approaches to implement the so-called Information and Communication Technology (ICT, henceforth) tools to develop the four language skills, namely, reading, writing, listening and speaking, along with a grammar knowledge. More specifically, this book will contribute to help L2 English teachers in designing creative and motivating lesson plans in which L2 English students will learn English through the use of ICT tools while developing several competences such as the digital competence, the learning to learn (that is to say, they learn by doing), autonomy and an active role given they are responsible for their own learning. In this student-centred approach, the teacher is a guide and a facilitator of resources.

The resources described in this book will foster L2 English teachers and L2 English learning to consider that lesson plans are more effective when the teacher has determined the learning and teaching objectives for both ICT and English. A detailed explanation regarding how each ICT tool functions is provided in the corresponding chapters so that L2 English teachers are able to build standing selection criteria when applying each ICT tool in the classroom.

Año: 2020

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